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  • Arlene Weible State Library of Oregon



COVID-19 pandemic and libraries, accelerated change, library services, library policies, library partnerships, library relationship building, OLA Quarterly


This issue of the OLA Quarterly explores “Accelerated Change”—how the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated and encouraged positive changes in Oregon libraries. Articles illustrate how conditions of the pandemic either created opportunities to implement new ideas, illuminated the need to address known barriers to access, or provided the challenge needed to think differently about the impact of library services. Centering the rebuilding and development of new relationships with users and partners will help libraries assure sustainable services through future global challenges.


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Author Biography

Arlene Weible, State Library of Oregon

Arlene Weible (she/her) is the 2021-22 OLA President and the Electronic Services Consultant at the State Library of Oregon, where she coordinates the Statewide Database Licensing Program and other library projects. She has worked in Oregon libraries for over 20 years and has been in the fortunate position to observe the commitment and hard work of library workers across the state. When she’s not in meetings, she enjoys gardening, attending outdoor music events, and spending time with her extended family and elderly cat Dale.




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