Monographs, Manuscripts, and Mountaineering: An Overview of the Mazama Library and Historical Collections

  • Mathew Brock Mazama Library
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Founded on the summit of Mount Hood in 1894, the Mazamas is a non-profit mountaineering organization with a legacy of promoting the Northwest culture of exploration and stewardship of its mountain environments. Headquartered in Portland, the Mazamas leads over 700 hikes and 350 climbs annually. It offers a variety of classes and activities for every skill and fitness level, all of which are open to both members and non-members.

Capturing the history of this mountaineering legacy and providing a variety of contemporary resources for Mazamas members and the public is the aim of the Mazama Library and Historical Collections (LHC). Occupying most of the lower level of the Mazama Mountaineering Center, the circulating library, established in 1915, is joined by a collection of climbing artifacts and an archival collection. It makes available a wide range of records that chronicle the history of the Mazamas and the organization’s place in Pacific Northwest outdoor recreation. Additionally, the LHC serves to document and preserve the actions and activities of the Mazamas committees and past and current members.


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Author Biography

Mathew Brock, Mazama Library

Mathew Brock is the Library and Historical Collections Manager for the Mazamas, a 124-year-old mountaineering organization based in Portland, Oregon. He has a BA in Anthropology and a Master’s in Library Science. At the library, he enjoys working with members and learning about all the fantastic places people climb around the world. Mathew’s pastimes include hiking, backpacking, and rock climbing. Besides being outdoors, Mathew likes traveling, cooking, and building things with his wife and daughter.

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